And Away We Go!

Here is the beginning of what could be one sentence or a lifelong journal. I would like to give credit to my wonderful wife and Homer Simpson for the title of this blog. To prove this theory (like it really needs approval) visit the BBQ page for a listing of links other BBQ information.

Another passion of mine is the Green Bay Packers.  Clicking on the GO PACK GO page will get you (eventually) the season schedule and other Packer News.

Of course I will be posting other opinions regarding the BBQ, and the Packers, as well as other irrelevant information.

This entire site is dedicated to My Laurel.

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2 Responses to And Away We Go!

  1. Louise says:

    You’ve already exceeded your expectations of one sentence with this post. Thanks for the partial credit but Matt Groening’s writers are really responsible. I look forward to your BBQ sauce reviews.

  2. Louise says:

    Write somethin’ new! *taps fingers on table*

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